Barcode Solutions

Barcodes are a great way for businesses to useITsmarter. Some of the benefits of Barcodes include:

Increased efficiency - Scanning a barcode when picking stock is much faster than manually updating pick lists  

Improved accuracy - Scanning barcodes confirms the product being picked is the product that was ordered.

Reduced training time - It does not take long to show a new employee or casual employee how to use a scanner. Furthermore, they do not have to know your product range intimately as the barcode scanner will ensure the right product is picked. 

Enforce processes - Barcodes can be used to force staff to pick stock in the most efficient order. It can be used to force a user to pick stock from a particular batch or location ensuring that the older stock in picked first, reducing waste. 

Improved inventory control‚Äč - Barcodes can ensure that the right stock and quantity is picked from or put away to a particular location improving inventory control.